Fri. Jun 21st, 2024

Modi government is bringing new law for electricity consumers, you will get this right for the first time

New Delhi: Before the Diwali, the Modi government is preparing to give big gifts to the power consumers. The Central Government is going to prepare a new draft to protect the rights of electricity consumers for the first time in the country.

In an official statement of the Ministry of Energy, on Wednesday, it has been said that for the first time, the Ministry of Power has drafted the rules for the rights of electricity consumers.

The statement in the ministry said, ‘Central energy

Electricity connection will be found and in the draft Ministry of Energy has prepared, the time limit has been fixed for the connection. Consumers will not have to wait much longer to get a new connection. Your Electricity consumers will get new rights

In this new draft, it will now become important to provide electricity to all citizens and focus on consumer satisfaction. For this, the major services in relation to these services

Pay 1000 or more bills online

According to the draft, SERC (State Electricity Regulatory Commission) will decide the average number and duration of outages per consumer per year. Cash, check, debit card, net banking facility will be available to pay,.

24 hour toll free services will be operational

In the draft, 24×7 toll-free call centers, web-based and mobile services will be operational for new connections. This includes consumer connection, connection shifting, name and description changes,

The ministry said that by September 30, 2020, suggestions from consumers will be taken. On September 9, 2020, suggestions of people have been sought on the website of the Ministry about the draft rules. The Ministry has said that consumers

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