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Cycling increases immunity ,71 grams of weight in 1 hour – Shravan Mittal, president of Agrawal Samaj Foundation Jamshedpur video 👇

By Rajdhani News Sep 20, 2020 #Cycle #jamshedpur
अग्रवाल समाज फाउंडेशन जमशेदपुर के अध्यक्ष श्रवण मित्तल 

Jamshedpur: –

Bicycle is a facility in the whole world which has never stopped in any condition. The above things have been said by Shravan Mittal, President of Agrawal Foundation Jamshedpur. He told during a special conversation with the journalist of Rajdhani News that today when the whole world is facing the corona virus crisis, the bicycle returned to his life again. Hundreds of laborers from the state and abroad in Jamshedpur, are upset with the life of the cities and go out on their own bicycle towards their village, the family of many laborers also left for their home on bicycle.



When did the cycle start

The cycle with which the whole world is connected today, this journey started 223 years ago. The first thought behind making bicycle was the means and convenience Now connected to health, Karl von Dras, a government official in the service of the first German Duke ruler, made the world’s first two-wheel bicycle in 1817. It was called Bicycle and then named Dresini, which usually means light vehicle, which can transport you from one place to another without a motor.


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