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Had gone to the funeral narendra modi, only then did the phone call of atal ji and then…

By Rajdhani News Sep 17, 2020 #modi #Pm

New Delhi: on the occasion of prime minister narendra modi’s birthday, we are going to tell you a story about his first appointment as chief minister. This is one of the big events associated with his life. In fact, when he first became the chief minister of gujarat, he was not aware that he was going to be the chief minister some time before. He was at that time working for the party in Delhi, and suddenly, the prime minister called him.

When the host called him, he was at the funeral of a senior cameraman gopal bisht. In the tragic air accident of late madhavrao sindhia, bisht was among those killed in his companions.

Narendra modi came to join us in this funeral. Then a call came to them. Atal ji asked, where are you my brother?

The PM narendra modi said, “I am in the crematorium.” on this, atal ji said, “you are in the crematorium, what can I speak to you now?” but atal ji called modi in the evening to meet him at his residence. In the evening narendra modi went to prime minister’s accommodation to meet him, where atal ji said, ‘Delhi has made you very fat! You should go back to gujarat!

‘this message made modi understand well, though he was surprised by this decision. The party was relying on a great responsibility for not even the legislators. But who could refuse when the prime minister himself was pressing for it. The whole incident has been explained by narendra modi himself.

Narendra modi himself states, ‘I have not been in gujarat for years now. I called my colleagues of the party and told them, ‘you are calling me, but I can’ t live, for I have no home. He said you don’t worry we’ll book a room in the circuit house, so I told him that you must book a room, but I’m no mla, so I’ll pay full rent of that room.

In this way the party leader narendra modi became the chief minister of gujarat marendra modi. This was a very big event in his political career. This was 2001, from here his innings started as chief minister. He became the chief minister of the state for the most length of time and he took oath of post of chief minister four times, which is a record.

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